This family dentistry goes the extra mile

family dentistryFor the majority of the population, going to the dentist is a chore and is only something that we do because society tells us to do so. Many people find sitting in a dentist chair with their mouth open for lengthy periods of time uncomfortable and unappealing. Because a lot of patients despise going to the dentist regular, their oral health tends to suffer. Sure, you can brush and floss the recommended times each day. You can also rinse with an oral wash to further promote your oral health. However, even with diligent and regular home care, visits to the dentist at least twice a year is highly recommended. That is because with our diets and lifestyles today, our teeth and gums are at more risk of decay and disease. Even some toothpastes these days have sugar as one of their main ingredients. This seems very counterproductive and leads to more problems with our teeth. In order to combat these issues, preventative care should be of importance.

Not only does poor oral health affect the appearance of our teeth and gums, it also attributes to some more serious health risks like heart disease. Regular visits to your family dentistry is the best solution for preventative care. Many problems can be reversed if they are caught early on. However, if left untreated for a long time can result in irreversible damage. That is why it is important to see your dentist as often as possible. If you do not take care of your teeth and gums now, you will spend a fortune in the future to fix problems that will arise from poor dental care.

It is understandable why some people avoid going to the dentist. The best way to overcome any fear or anxiety related to dentist visits is to find a dentist that makes your experience more enjoyable. With technological advances in cosmetic dentistry and preventative care, dental treatments are far less invasive than they used to be. Procedures are more efficient too saving both the patient and the practitioner time and money. By finding a dentist that stays current on the latest technology, you are increasing the opportunity for you to have a more comfortable experience.

Many dental offices today offer modern conveniences that can improve a patient’s overall experience. Many treatment rooms come equipped with a TV and premium programming. This is a great feature as it helps to distract the patient while they are receiving treatment. Some offices even go the extra mile and offer paraffin wax treatments for your hands while you wait. This is a vast improvement over outdated magazines and boring talk show TV.

Iverness Family Dentistry wants to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for all of their patients. Their patient-centered practice is a welcoming and refreshing improvement over some other stuffy dental offices. Iverness dental office is located in the Denver Tech Center, a hub for technology and innovation. Make an appointment with Dr. Pasternak, a local and trusted family dental professional.

DTC dentist gets props for great customer service

DTC dentistWith so many dentists to choose from, how does one decide? Well, that depends on a couple of factors. First, if you are covered by dental insurance, you should check your policy to see which dentists are covered in your area. Depending on who your dental insurance provider is, this can significantly narrow the list of options. Hopefully, you have a healthy selection of providers to choose from that are reputable and professional. It can often be difficult to find a health care professional that you vibe with. Sure, you can check reviews and testimonials to get a feel for what other patients have experienced. However, you must be objective here and remember that a person is more likely to vent in a review if they have had a negative experience. Those who have had a positive experience may not even think to reach out and leave a five star review. This adds to the frustration of knowing what the ideal option would be. A great way to cut to the chase with out having to find the best dentist for you through trial and error is to ask around your network. A personal referral is much more appealing than an online review.

Once you know which providers are covered in your area and have gotten some personal referrals from people you trust, you can now make an effort to further narrow the list. The best way to do that is to jot down services you need now or think you may need in the future. This can range from basic preventative care to restorative cosmetic dentistry. Now that you have a feel for the services that you will need, you can go to your narrowed list of providers and begin research what services each of them provides. You can also call each one and get a preliminary quote for those services in order to see if you can find the most affordable provider.

Family dentistry, however, is one of those areas in life where you get what you pay for. You do want to go with the cheapest solution as you may not receive the highest quality care that is available. It is important to find a dentist office that uses the latest in modern dental care technology. Although this may affect the overall cost of your treatment plan, you will save in other areas such as comfort and efficacy. If you have a good experience, you are more likely to visit that dentist regularly. The frequency of your visits will not only improve your oral health, it will expedite each of your future visits because there will be less work for the dentist to do.

It goes without saying that finding a good dentist is important to your oral health. Iverness Family Dentistry understands that there are many dentists that you have to choose from and knows that they have to stand out in their customer service. The way they do that is with their patient-centric approach that focuses on providing the best patient experience.